Zela Inc. was established as family company at the beginning of 90s in Ankara for carry on business of the import and export , construction, marketing sectors.

Until 1999, performing a variety of jobs in this sectors, business executives of Zela Inc. had invitation to management of the largest bicycle, moped and motorcycle factory in Turkey. Which name is BISAN. This business executives handled this management until 2014. Zela Inc. was one of the biggest supplier of the Bisan during this 15 years.

This business executives established more than 400 dealers network and more than 600 after sale dealers and authorized services network across the Turkey at the name of BISAN.

With this professional team ; Bisan has the annual production capacity of 200.000 pcs bicycles, 60.000pcs mopeds and motocycles, 2.700.000pcs rims and continues its production with a human source of 250 workers.

Also this Professional team improved themselves in local market and in the foreign countries by its best quality production by exportation to European countries such as Germany , France, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, The Netherlands, Switzerland and African &Middle East countries such as Iran, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, etc.

Zela Inc.’s business executives transfered management of Bisan to authorized holding company at the end of August, 2014, Than Zela Inc. taken a step to After Sales Market.

Zela Inc. gone to the name change with the aim to bring new brands to the market and took the ADK name at the end of August,2015.

ADK Inc. aims to offer the highest quality products with the young, dynamic and innovative team with professional management team.